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Our job is to build your brand in a way that positions you rightattracts the right audiences, closes deals, creates unmatched customer experiences, and builds customer loyalty













We are a multidisciplinary team of experienced business development, marketing and design professionals. 


We merge business strategy with design to build strong brands. 
Strong brands communicate and engage with their customers, and strong brands
do better.




Our collaborative structure and extensive local and international business network allows us  to quickly assemble the best team of  specialists for each project, every time




Our seamlessly integrated business,and design services, allow us to build award-winning brands & interior spaces that are CREATIVE, DEFINED and DIFFERENT.



We are a one-stop shop to all your business AND design needs. Unlike using multiple companies, for our clients this means less hassle, lower costs, and most importantly a consistent and strong brand.



Our structure and ability to easily scale up our team depending on each project's scope means that we are affordable and superior for small business. You pay for our professional work, and not our rent.



Our leaders are experts in their fields, each with over 15 years of local and international experience. Our clients are in Canada, EgyptUSA, Europe, Middle East and Asia and we deliver materials in many languages. Our diverse international experience allows us to think BIG.



We help our clients strategically launch their businesses. We are deeply rooted in the startup business community and the strong brands we build help our clients attract customers, employees and investors and do better.



We consult on franchising and adapt local brands for success in new markets. We have experience managing international franchises and are experts in international business negotiations and developing world-class franchise manuals.

Our core team is permanently on the ground in Edmonton, Toronto, Warsaw and Cairo



We specialize in creating unique and artistic corporate interiors. Here, we extend the brand's visual identity into physical spaces and create immersive environments and unforgettable sensory customer experiences.



First, we get to know our client and understand their goals.  We then assemble the right team of specialists for the job.


Next, we examine the market and competition and recommend the best way to build your brand.

Finally, our specialists work together seamlessly to build a strong and consistent brand for our clients.





Our collaborative structure and extensive network of business and design specialists gives us the flexibility to build our team based on the scope and requirements of each client. Our clients pay just for the specialists, and not our rent!


Our core team overseas each project and additional experts are collaborated with on a as needed basis.


Anna Bohdanowicz Founder & Project Manager
Samar Tahoun
Director of Middle East Accounts



Founder & Project Manager


I like to think BIG. With over 13 years of international experience in growing brands, I work with clients to position their company to attract a targeted market. My job is to collaborate with my specialists and lead our team to deliver projects that not only look great, but most importantly, help our clients excel. In simpler terms, I dress companies up for success. 

Born to Polish Architects in Kuwait who later immigrated to Canada, I grew up exposed to large scale creativity in spatial design. I spent my formative years travelling between the Middle East, Europe, and Canada, experiencing and engaging with many cultures before moving to Montreal to complete my Bachelors of Commerce in International Business. Ultimately, it is this combination of design and business strategy that has formed who I am.

For 8 years, I lead business development, marketing, and communication teams in both small and large companies in Real Estate Development, Restaurants, Healthcare, and Oil & Gas industries overseas. I worked in international markets and easily see business growth opportunities. I help our clients see them too. I hold workshops and have chaired international conferences. I have strong business connections in Canada, USA, UK, Poland, Egypt, the Middle East & Gulf, and India.

Upon moving to Edmonton Alberta in 2013, I incorporated besomething to merge the gap between business development consulting and design and bring something different to Edmonton. I feel very privileged to have already worked with many incredibly smart and talented inventors, business owners and leaders in Canada. 


Since 2013 we have worked on over 30 brand development projects, and completed 5 commercial interior projects with 2 more interior projects we are currently developing- one in the USA and another in Cairo, Egypt.


Thanks to projects like Prairie Noodle Shop restaurant, Hoang Long restaurant, Sherbrooke Liquor Store tasting room, Kaplan MacLean Rheumatology clinic, and our newest addition New Skin Laser Studio medispa, my team and I lead the way in creating unforgettable branded environments and unmatched customer experiences that are creative, defined and different.


It is my personal goal to help our local businesses grow in the global arena. Canadian companies are underrepresented and often undervalued in global markets, yet we have a lot to be proud of. It's time to be seen and be heard.


T: +1 (780) 966 8871 (Mountain Time, Edmonton, Canada)


Director of Middle East Accounts


The power of communication and how it influences all aspects of our lives has always intrigued me. Who decides what the public is exposed to through media we come across? 

I knew early on that I wanted to be that gatekeeper of information that was put out to the public.

Having completed my elementary schooling at the American International School (AIS) Kuwait, I enrolled at the University of West Florida, USA and obtained my Bachelor's in Arts & Science, major in Telecommunication & Film with a minor in Marketing.

I have 11 years of experience in this industry. I was fortunate to begin my career at one of the world’s leading advertising agencies, namely J. Walter Thompson where i worked for 7 years. I managed one of the biggest Telecommunication companies in Kuwait among many other clients in various sectors. This role exposed me to working closely with powerful creative design teams to position and express strong messages in campaigns across the full spectrum of media channels such as radio, television, outdoor, BTL, printing, branding, strategy building and planning.

I later worked at Memac Ogilvy where I was a Marketing Consultant for the agency’s new project of a world renowned cultural museum being built in Kuwait (the first of its kind). At Ogilvy I also helped the teams with handling various clients such as Burger King and Nissan Automobiles.


After Memac Ogilvey, I began Marketing Consulting and Business Development for new start up agencies such as Era Media – a local boutique start-up in Kuwait. Shortly after, I was offered an opportunity from Mullen Lowe to handle their newly acquired client in Kuwait- Mercedes Benz.


I later returned to J. Walter Thompson, this time to the Cairo Office and managed newly acquired business and clients such as Gourmet, Cono, Central Bank of Egypt and shortly on Coca Cola.

At besomething I work and aspire to be a pioneer in creating innovative communication concepts that serve a greater purpose and make a difference in society at large. 


T: (+20) 10 6200 6990 (Eastern European Standard Time, Cairo, Egypt)


Monika Plachecka
Creative Communications Specialist
Monika Plachecka
Creative Director


Creative Director

As Creative Director, I design visual identities for companies and manage all the graphic design that our clients need. I have over 20 years of experience in leading design teams in Marketing departments of successful international companies.


My Master of Arts in Image &  Communication from the University of London, England, taught me how to use creative design as a tool to capture and retain the attention of a target audience.  I am experienced at adapting brands to new markets and launching products in different settings and with varying budgets.

I was born in Poland and shortly after my parents’ work moved us to Kuwait. My father’s passion for travel and photography exposed me to many adventures and an appreciation for the arts. My own love for photography continuously inspires my design work.

I earned my degrees in London and have experience in launching and managing brands in Europe, the Middle East and North America. Setting the right corporate image and communicating visually with a target market is my forte.

Since 2006, Anna and I have worked on mastering how to successfully merge business strategy with design. We produce visual solutions to communication needs using a mix of artistic skills, commercial awareness and high level creativity. We work closely together to ensure that the brands we build help our clients do better.

Margaret Krawecka
Spacial Design Director


Spatial Design Director

With over 15 years of professional experienceI bring an interdisciplinary approach to spatial design, drawing on my experience in architecture, interior design, multimedia installation art and performance design. 


I studied architecture at the University of Toronto and after years of working internationally on various types of projects in architecture firms, I started my own collaborative multidisciplinary design practice. 


I also hold a Master of Arts in Scenography from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (UK) and my experience in design for environmental and site-specific theatre in Europe has shaped my passion for the discovery of space through sensory perception and movement of the body.


I am interested in the emotional, psychological, and narrative potential of branded space, creating stimulating immersive environments that combine practical design solutions with a playful element of theatricality. 


I am also a part-time sessional instructor at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture and the University of Toronto Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design.



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