We engaged services from three divisions to create a complete and seamless brand:
bebranding  +  besignage  +  beinteriors


An immersive prairie-themed environment and a customer experience like no other.


This project was awarded the HONOURABLE MENTION at the REDGEES 2016, Canadian Regional Design Awards in Toronto.




INDUSTRY:   Restaurants, Casual Dining

LOCATION: 10350 124st NW,
                   Edmonton,  Alberta, Canada





TEAM:          Anna Bohdanowicz

                   Monika Plachecka

                   Margaret Krawecka

                   Lucia Brown


COMPLETION: December 2015


PHOTO CREDITS: Anna Bohdanowicz, Ryan Heit




“My partners and I started Prairie Noodle Shop because we want to contribute to Edmonton’s growing metropolitan food scene with something unique that many of us have been waiting for. But rather than just copying recipes we see elsewhere, we wanted to take it one step further. You see, ramen is a regional cuisine in Japan that is influenced by the agriculture and flavor preferences of wherever it’s made. So we decided to do just that. We created our own prairie ramen, sourcing local proteins and prairie flavours: like smoked, honey, barley, and sweet corn. Folks, you can’t get this ramen anywhere else in the world.

                                                              Arden Tse

Co-Founder Prairie Noodle Shop


First, we conducted market research to establish the restaurant’s positioning.

Then, we got inspired and developed a visual identity for Prairie Noodle Shop.

Lastly, we proceeded to extend this into the interior space.



"We had many great reviews about the space. Thank you so much. The place would have been just another noodle shop without the design".

Arden Tse

Co-Founder Prairie Noodle Shop

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The Prairie Noodle Shop restaurant is an ultimate sensory branding experience. And it all started with the basics.


bebranding services used:

• brand positioning
• visual identity development
• logo, colour palettes & fonts
• business cards, menu
• wall and window graphics

The Prairie Noodle Shop location is partially below ground level. Limited by the building's signage specifications, we did not place the full logo. Instead, we designed an exterior sign that maximized visibility from street level.


To relate to the logo, and to generate interest from passers by we used the iconic stacked animals from the logo on the front glass elevation. The animals walk on ground level and glow at night, illuminated by multicoloured LED lighting.

besignage services:

• exterior sign

• window graphics

• toilet signs

AREA:         110 sqm / 1,180 sqft


The interior space is an extension of the developed brand identity. The interior installations, materials, form and colours capture and pull indoors the Albertan prairie, transforming the space into an immersive themed environment.


No matter where you look, there is something beautifully crafted to experience- custom millwork installations, wall graphics & window films, lighting, selection of furniture & finishes. 


In this half-basement, the ground level outside is carried through into the restaurant interior as a continuous horizon line expressed using architectural graphics and layered, CNC'd wood installations. Dramatically lit, the custom designed bench and layered wood panel wall installations feature native flora and fauna of Alberta. The flatline of the horizon throughout the space is intensified through contrasts between the earthy hues of the fields and the vastness of the sky.


Matched with steamy hot bowls of Ramen goodness innovatively infused with smokey prairie flavours and upbeat music, Prairie Noodle Shop is an experience like no other.


beinteriors services:


• Themed environment design

• Floor, lighting, and seating plans

• Bar and bench design

• Wood wall panel designs

• Sourcing of lights, chairs, stools & accessories

• Wall and window graphics 



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